Thirt stage of Three quaterfinal tournament

Northern QF will start tomorrow. Registration is open.

Western Quarterfinal

Second contest of the tournament will be held on November 6, 2014 at 12:00 MSK. You are welcome to challenge participants of Wester Quaterfinal that was held in Minsk.

First round of Three Subregionals Cup: Moscow subregional contest

First regional contest of the tournament will start on October 26, at 11:30 MSK. It will be an online version of NEERC Moscow subregional contest. Onsite teams will be automatically added to the results and tournament scoring.

To participate in the Three Subregionals Cup you can use your personal Yandex.Contest login or create a team using the My Teams. page. Note that your OpenCup logins will not be active for this contest.

Three Subregionals Cup 2014

We gladly invite you to participate in the Three Subregionals Cup 2014 – a team-based online programming competition parallel to the ACM ICPC Subregionals in Moscow, Minsk and Saint Petersburg. The tournament will be organized by the team of Yandex.Contest and the jury of the Subregionals. The online rounds will be held on the Yandex.Contest system. The dates and start times of subregionals are: Moscow – October 26th, 11:30 MSK, Minsk – November 6th, 12:00 MSK, Saint Petersburg – November 8th, 12:30 MSK.

Teams that participate in the onsite version of one of the three quarterfinals will be able to participate in the online versions of the other quarterfinals via Yandex.Contest. Teams that don’t participate in any of the three quarterfinals onsite will be able to participate in all of them online via Yandex.Contest. Cumulated results of three subregional contests will be calculated based on Grand Prix 30 scoring system.

You can register for the online rounds at any time. You can represent a single person or create a team using the My teams link. Each invited team member has to confirm his participation in the team. You can choose participation type and team members upon registering for the contest. Note that OpenCup dedicated logins will not work at this contest!

The rules of the online rounds correspond to the onsite quarterfinal’s rules.

For your convenience a test contest is available.